Jamila was brought on as a moderator at an event we held, in collaboration with The Wing, entitled: Unpacking Immigration. The intention of the event was to create a therapeutic, safe space for the community to discuss immigration and cultural narratives that impact their personal lives and communities. We entrusted Jamila to lead one of the small groups, and we couldn’t have been happier with our choice. They were incredibly communicative and pleasant to work with from a logistics end before, during, and after the event. As a moderator, they brought an invaluable perspective and wealth of knowledge to our audience. I watched as they took the complex and sensitive topics we were tackling throughout the evening and break them down into empathetic and impactful conversations that every member of the audience could, and wanted to engage in. Jamila created a truly safe, brave space for our community that night, but also didn’t hesitate to kindly, but firmly educate when needed. We would have Jamila back as a moderator, or panelist in a heartbeat!
Analisa Cantu, TRENZA

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Radical, anti- capitalist, Arab, queer, non- binary, Social Worker, Organizer, Consultant, Writer, adjunct/ lecturer at Columbia School of Social Work & Hunter College, Social Welfare PhD Student at the CUNY Grad Center, Board of Director at Free Migration Project, Chair of Nominations Committee at National Association of Social Workers NYC, CUNY Struggle member, Steward at Hunter College and Silberman School of Social Work for $7k Or STRIKE!, Former founding Executive Director at the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project | ▽☭|#ABOLITIONNOW